Installing Caffe on old Linux

Installing Caffe on old Linux is a must sometimes. One sample case is servers, they usually use some version of Centos for stability, and that is something you can not change. The main problem with old Linux Distributions is not the availability of packages , but the version of the packages available. Most of the time the version of packages that comes with the system do not meet the minimum requirements to compile caffe. I had this struggle with a server having Centos 6.5 on it. Here I will provide you with some tips and tricks that may help you come over this limitations.


1-forget about apt-get or yum they will not solve your problems you usually have to compile from source.

2- before compiling a library you have to remove the old one using apt-get remove or yum remove, or you will end up having double definition troubles.

3- Do not forget the “sudo” , there are some tricks if you can not use sudo in certain situations.


-The only situation where you do not want to use the latest version from github is glog as the most recent versions will not compile on older distributions easily. Download the recommended version by Caffe installation page.

– Sometimes make all , and make test will go without errors but make runtest will generate an error saying it can not parse the prototxt file which means compilation was ok but the protobuf package is old to the point it does not some of the stuff in the prototxt files, so you need to get the most recent version , compile it and then recompile caffe. and here is how you do it

-git the most recent version from github

-compiling requires autoconf automake libtool curl if you do not have any of them just apt-get or yum it.

-then go inside the folder and

 make check
 sudo make install
 sudo ldconfig 



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