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My Skills:

Computational Scientist, Virginia Tech (1/2018 to Present)

  • Providing centralized high-performance research computing services including user support, writing documentation, and installation/performance tuning for scientific software.
  • Teaching a variety of topics in and parallel computing through workshops and training sessions for an interdisciplinary audience.
  • Main research interest is deep learning.

Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech (5/2017 to 12/2017)

  • Build, Install new software on VT Linux clusters.
  • Provide technical support for the user of VT Hi. Perf. Computing(HPC) resources.

Graduate Assistant, Virginia Tech (9/2014 to 8/2017)

  • Developer: the office front and back-end (ASP.NET/C#, SSRS, and MSSQL server)
  • & Admin.: eFARS System (Symplectic Elements, SSRS, SQL)

Android Developer, Edge networks (Reston, VA) (5/2014 to 8/2014)

  • Developing a secure VOIP android client based on linphone open source client.

Graduate research assistant Virginia Tech* (8/2013 to 3/2014)

*(Funded by the US Department of Defense (DoD))

  • Developing an android application that connects a smartphone to an Infra-Red Military Camera to handle the captured images and videos.

System Engineering /SW Engineering team leader, Metech (7/2004 to 8/2012)

  • Managed and participated in the complete process of the Implementation, and support for the access control and ticketing system in Cairo stadium, Giza pyramids, Coptic museum, Dandara Temple, and other places. Also, the VTMS systems at Alexandria marine port.
  • Lead a team of software engineers to design and implement large software systems.

Teaching assistant, Benha University (2002 – 2011)

  • Teaching Classes: Intel microprocessor, Intel Assembly, computer networks, Data security, Operating systems, Neural Networks, Computer architecture, Data structures.
  • Labs: C++, VB6 programming, Intel x86 Simulation Kit, Oracle developer, SQL*Plus

Software Development Team Leader, Al-Attya Qatar (3/2008 1/2009)

  • Establish the company branch in Egypt and Hire software developers.
  • Manage a team of Software developers to build large-scale software systems.

Software Engineer, Metech (7/2001 to 7/2004)

  • Participate in feasibility studies, business process re-engineering, Analyzing, Design, and implementation of Oracle database applications (Schema, Forms, and Reports).
  • Perform Oracle Database installation, administration, and data migration.

Virginia Tech, May. 2018 – ongoing | VA, USA
Leading a series of summer short courses where I prepared for and presented a comprehensive overview of
introductory as well as advanced topics in deep learning along with hands-on labs. The topics range start with basics
of Neural Networks up to advanced topics such as GANs and RL.

Virginia Tech, Feb. 2018 | VA, USA
Presented a session introducing Virginia Tech Advanced Research Computing (ARC). The session presented an
overview of HPC trends, an overview of VT-HPC resources. The session then went into interacting with VT-ARC
systems which included how to login to various clusters, use the scheduler to submit jobs.

Virginia Tech, Jan. 2018 – May 2018 | VA, USA
Leading a series of monthly deep learning workshops where I prepared for and presented an introduction to deep
learning concepts, followed by a hands-on data using TensorFlow.

Benha University, Aug. 2002 – May 2011 | Cairo, Egypt
Language of instruction: English.
• Intel microprocessor.
• Intel Assembly.
• computer networks.
• Data security and encryption.
• Operating systems design.
• Neural Networks.
• Computer architecture.
• Data structures.
• C++.
• VB6 programming.
• Intel x86 Simulation Kit.
• Oracle developer.
• SQL*Plus.

  • Ibrahim, Ahmed S., A. Lynn Abbott, M. Hussein, “Input Fast-Forwarding for Better Deep Learning”, 14th International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR), Montreal, Canada, 2017

  • Ibrahim, Ahmed S., A. Lynn Abbott, M. Hussein, “An Image Dataset of Text Patches in Everyday Scenes”, 12th International Symposium on Visual Computing, USA, 2016.

  • Ibrahim, Ahmed S., A E. Youssef, and A. Lynn Abbott. “Global vs. Local features for Gender Identification using Arabic and English Handwriting.” IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology, December 2014.

  • Youssef, A. E., Ahmed S. Ibrahim, and A. Lynn Abbott, “Automated Gender Identification for Arabic and English handwriting”, 5th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP), London, UK, December 2013. (Awarded best poster)

  • Youssef, A. E., Sherin F. Aly, Ahmed S. Ibrahim, and A. Lynn Abbott. “Auto-Optimized Multimodal Expression Recognition Framework Using 3D Kinect Data for ASD Therapeutic Aid.”, International Journal of Modeling and Optimization (IJMO), Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 112-115, April 2013

  • Y.H. Dakroury, R. A. El-Kammar, M. I. Sharaawy, & A. S. El-Nady Ibrahim, “Agent-Based Intrusion detection Using Hidden Markov Model”, Scientific Bulletin Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Vol. 42, No. 1, March 31, 2007.

OpenPower Summit, Mar. 2018 | Nevada, USA
Presented an overview of research, applications, and best practice of Virginia Tech’s Power8 cluster.

Virginia Tech, Apr. 2018 | VA, USA
Presented a 2-hours session about deep learning using PowerAI running on Virginia Tech’s Power8 cluster giving
brief introduction to deep learning concepts plus a quick introduction to TensorFlow

Symplectic North American Conference: Duke University, Sep. 2016 | NC, USA
Presented about development and best practice of the Symplectic Elements tool to build Virginia Tech Faculty
Annual Reporting system.

-Best Poster presentation CESCA day 2016 Virginia Tech, USA

-Bonus for exceeding expectations, 2014, Edge Networks, USA

-Best Poster presentation ICDP Conference 2013 London, UK

-One-year worth of salary bonus for efforts, and creativity, 2008, Metech, Egypt

-Ranked 5th over the College of Engineering (near one thousand graduates) 2001, Benha Univ., Egypt

ETL project, Egyptian Army, 2003:
Data Extract Transform and Load (ETL) project for 3 months. Extract data from an Informix database on an old Sun server. Transform and clean the data. Load the data into Oracle/Windows server.
Decision Support System, Egyptian Army, 2003:
Data-driven DSS system that used data analytics and machine learning to help strategic planning for the Egyptian Army. Tools included C#, Oracle Forms, and Oracle DB.
Intelligent Marketing campaign planning system, Novartis, Egypt, 2004
A data-driven campaign planning system that creates a nationwide campaign plan and individual salesmen schedule. The system used graph algorithms to solve for the optimal schedule (minimum campaign cost) plus maximizing expected revenue subjected to plenty of constraints such as marketing visit frequency per client class, different preferred visit time per client, preferred work hours per salesman, already scheduled client-salesman visits. Built entirely in Oracle PL/SQL.
Real-time facial expression recognition, Virginia Tech, 2013
Real-time facial expression recognition system that reads RGB-D data from a Kinect camera. Many tools and techniques have been used such as Dimensionality reduction using PCA, Linear and nonlinear SVM. 3D point cloud triangulation. The system has been prototyped using Matlab and built for real-time operation using C# that calls a C++ implementation of SVM.
Handwriting analysis, Virginia Tech, 2014
Gender Identification from handwriting model that used SVM to identify the writer gender from a scanned handwritten document. Many features have been experimented with including chain coding features, and a novel wavelet-based LBP features. In this project, Python, Matlab has been used to write all the code. Best poster presentation award has been given to this work during the ICIP conference in London, UK
Sufficiency server admin, Virginia Tech, 2015 till now
Manage the lab Centos server. Install Software packages that included deep learning packages such as Caffe. Help other students to use the server.
Text detection in natural scenes using Deep Learning, Virginia Tech, 2015 till now
My main Ph.D. work that involved building deep learning models to detect text instances in natural scene images. I used Caffe for 1 year then moved to Torch for a short period of time, then, currently Keras/Tensorflow (I always write my code to be compatible with both TF and Theano). I had 3 publications plus a 4th one under review now at NIPS (a 4096 layers model with a trick to fight the vanishing gradient problem) also, prior to my graduation in Dec., I am planning to submit to CVPR (deadline this Nov.). I am using Virginia Tech clusters that are Centos machine with K80 GPUs and recently P100 GPUs.

Graduate Assistance, Virginia Tech (9/2014 to 8/2017)
Real-time facial expression recognition project, Virginia Tech, (10/2012 to 10/2013)
Software Development Team Leader, Al-Attya Qatar (3/2008 1/2009)
SW Engineering team leader, Metech (7/2004 to 8/2012)
Teaching assistant, Benha University (2002 – 2011)


PhD Student, Virginia Tech (8/2012 to 12/2017)
Graduate Assistance, Virginia Tech (9/2014 to 8/2017)


Deep Learning: (Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow, Keras)
PhD Student, Virginia Tech (8/2012 to 12/2017)


Teaching assistant, Benha University (2002 – 2011)


Linux Admin:
ECE Sufficiency server admin, Virginia Tech, (1/2015 to Present)
Graduate Research Assistance, Virginia Tech (5/2017 to Present)
System Engineering team leader, Metech (7/2004 to 8/2012)


Android Development:
Android Developer, Edge networks (Reston, VA) (5/2014 to 8/2014)
Graduate research assistant, Virginia Tech (8/2013 to 3/2014)


Oracle Dev/Admin:
Software Engineer, Metech (7/2001 to 7/2004)
ETL project, Egyptian Army, (1/2002 to 3/2003)




  • Leading a VT summer course “Deep Learning with PyTorch”, Virginia Tech, VA (May, 23)
  • Prepared and led a deep learning workshop, Virginia Tech, VA ( April, 15)
  • Presented a session about deep learning using PowerAI, Virginia Tech, VA ( April, 10)
  • Poster Presentation at GPU Technology Conference (GTC) San Jose, CA  (March. 18)
  • Oral Presentation at OpenPower Summit, Las Vegas, NV (March. 18)
  • Prepared and led a deep learning workshop, Virginia Tech, VA ( March, 15)
  • Prepared and led a deep learning workshop, Virginia Tech, VA ( Feb, 15)
  • Joined Virginia Tech as a Computational Scientist (Jan. 18)
  • Obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech with focus on deep learning (Dec. 17)
  • Oral presentation at the ICIAR 2017 conference, Montreal, Canada, Pic (Jul. 17)
  • Paper Published in the ICIAR 2017 conference Springer, ArXiv (Apr. 17)
  • Started reviewing papers in Elsevier (Dec. 16)
  • Paper Published in ISVC’16 SpringerArXiv (Dec. 16)
  • Gave a talk about custom reports development during Symplectic North America user meeting, event page, Duke University, (Sep. 2016)
  • Completed Blacksburg citizens institution, my picture with the mayor (Jun. 2016)
  • Awarded best poster presentation during CESCA day, event page, picture (Apr. 2016)
  • Attended Quantum programming course by D-wave, Certificate (Apr. 2016)
  • Completed Blacksburg citizens police academy (Aug. 2015)

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